Minsheng Bank: micro-credit and water loans do not require collateral

in recent years, the growing importance of small and micro enterprises in the national economy, but the financing problems of small and micro enterprises to survive and develop. First half of the year, Central out fiscal and monetary mix, multiple overlay of fiscal and monetary policy, with directional control, force "irrigation" farmers and small and micro enterprises.

  financial support to small and micro enterprise development, are actually supporting China's new economy, supported China's economic restructuring. How to troubleshoot small and micro businesses "expensive financing, financing", was a worldwide problem. Beginning this week, Chongqing morning post will launch a series of reports on micro-enterprise loans, we will interview banks, small loan companies, small and micro businesses, concern for small and micro loans from various financial institutions of major policy initiatives, innovative products and the recommendations apply for loans for small and micro enterprises, and so on.

  only in terms of micro-loans, Minsheng is a recognized pioneer and main force. Minsheng Bank launch business credit has been 5 years time in 2013, according to the annual reports, by the end of 2013, the Bank's small and micro loans of 404.722 billion yuan, an increase of 27.69%; small customers 1.9049 million, an increase of 91.97%; small micro-loan rate control in 0.48%, in the industry by far. Construction of the professional branch of Minsheng banking on small and micro loans and "CCP + industrial chain" centralized credit model, has become the trend of the development of small and micro loans.

to focus on small and micro loans

in February 2009, Minsheng Bank in Shanghai to launch "credit link", the Horn blew into the small micro-finance. In the years that followed, the Bank's small business lending jumped year after year. At that time, the Minsheng Chairman Dong wenbiao after extensive market research found that many street and the district has a large number of individuals in business, they have a lot of financing needs, and this "big cake" but no bank for development.

  study, Minsheng Bank decided to lift all of "credit link", the main small business loan. First, the strategy attaches great importance to small and micro loans, be characterized as Minsheng Bank one of the three strategies; secondly, the tilt of a lot of credit to small and micro loans. "For example, if a line of bank credit to the livelihood of 200 billion yuan, people took out at least half into the small micro-area banks on small and micro loans at that time were more cautious. "Chongqing branch of Minsheng Bank told the Chongqing morning news reporter, Chongqing branch with more than 1000 employees including more than more than 200 dedicated small and micro loans, another one hundred or two hundred people indirectly related to micro-loans.

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