Bank mortgage "four"

to the banks for mortgages, choosing which Bank is the first consideration. Here small make up the current banking situation, current bank mortgage inventory for everyone "four" reference for the needed loans to friends.

most likely, Chengdu Bank

approval conditions relative to other banks, Bank of Chengdu to loose a lot, as long as the House as collateral, to individual income or credit requirements are not particularly strict in General. Especially if handled through intermediaries, conditions will be more strict.

  Mortgage, and need time to more than about 15 days, while Chengdu rural commercial bank for mortgage loans are very fast, conditions are well documented by the borrower, the earliest 2 days access to finance. But banking conditions in Chengdu, Chengdu rural commercial banks slightly strict House, and require the borrower to age less than 65 years of age.

  maximum amount, Bank of Shanghai

  Shanghai of Bank lending rates required and the speed to catch up with the two banks, but once approved, borrowers who received quotas often are high. In the case of conditions, the borrower can obtain loan ticks up to about 70% of the total value of the housing. While other banks claimed that this limit can be reached, but the actual approved less likely.

the cheapest, and industrial and commercial bank of

  in contrast, ICBC housing loans mortgage interest rates will be lower, will normally be given final approval rates in the benchmark interest rate floating on the basis 25%-30% execution. Other Bank floating rate can be as high as in the benchmark interest rate floating 50% or higher. Relatively, it is cheaper. However, ICBC's loan approval, and the processing time will be longer.

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