Mortgage housing two ways to get a mortgage

many buy friends often ask a question. Own a house mortgage, the loan hasn't finished, now urgently for money, wanted to know if you could get this hasn't finished loans House mortgage.

  in theory, there is no mortgage, because the House was mortgaged to the Bank. But the alternative method:

  is to find sufficient funds to friends and relatives made up the remaining mortgage money. Then to finish the remaining loans of Bank property and real estate complete mortgage solution, then will have Mortgage Mortgage Bank, mortgage loan obtained is divided into two parts: the part back to friends and relatives, part of myself.

  second, if you can't find help to friends and relatives, you can find a security company for your fund will redeem houses, housing can renew the mortgage after discharge.

  mortgage loans for housing has the following requirements: housing life in 20 years; size must be greater than 50 sqm; has strong liquidity, that is, housing location.

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