Unsecured loans and mortgages competition who is superior

unsecured loans and mortgages are common loan in our life, who is superior in both it? perhaps most people don't think about it, now we loan, loan amount, loan term, lending time simple analysis for everyone.

1, loan

  looked from the loan, unsecured loans are more advantageous. Apply for unsecured loans, borrowers do not need to provide any collateral, mortgages must have real estate as collateral, and full room, clear property rights, listed for the transaction.

2, line of credit

  unsecured credit lines typically personal monthly income of about 10 times, and mortgage loan amount up to 70% of the real estate assessment value.

3, the loan term

  unsecured loan for a maximum period of four years, and mortgage loan term of up 10 years.

4, lending time

  in General, as long as the borrower meets the unsecured loan requirements, the fastest that day can get loans and mortgages because the mortgage registration, assessment and other formalities necessary, so take 5-10 days to lend (day the fastest individual lenders can lenders).

5, the loan interest rate

  when compared with unsecured loans, mortgage interest rates are lower, because of the real estate as collateral, lenders bear less risk, of course, willing to give borrowers loans with lower interest rates.

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