NET platform vehicle loan mortgage loan?

whether in the field of conventional loans in the banking system or a P2P network in emerging loan industry, mortgage is considered fairly safe as a borrowing, and is used by all relevant bodies, platforms, and mortgages are usually based on real estate, vehicles, notes and other liquidity varieties. In this three who Zhijian, if also to on the risk of level, so vehicles of mortgage loan is relative high some, because vehicles of liquidity is big, not like property is fixed in a place of, run can't, also not like notes, voucher so easy can achieved ownership of confirmed, so, in actual operation in the, vehicles mortgage loan of business accounted for than usually also compared small. With the development of Internet banking, in particular credits the increasing popularity of P2P network, a lot of platforms for a variety of reasons to enlarge the vehicle mortgage business weight, due to lack of experience in actual operation, and frequently lead to bad debt. Then, net lending platform, how should the vehicle mortgage business?

professionals have told reporters that the vehicles in the mortgage loan process, in addition to the mortgage procedures, etc, outside the established debtor-creditor relationship, one of the most important aspects is the need to guard. If you don't guard, the car still in the control of others, then he could have found another family mortgage again, essentially forming a car has two mortgagee, considerable trouble to disposal, practical business, intermediary bodies in order to prevent the occurrence of bad loans but snatch vehicle incidents, some of which eventually evolved into criminal cases. Especially across parts of the vehicle mortgage business, once it was possible overdue debts, the platform had to offsite "Chase" car, once met with a number of local protection forces, are very prone to stirring up a lot of right and wrong, and platform companies invested huge costs eventually could not achieve the desired objectives, the candle.

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