Knowledge quiz

first, what is a mortgage?
, also known as mortgage, this is different from the primary mortgage and secondary mortgage loans category. This is new lending in recent years, its use can be used for mortgage, also available for other types of consumer loans.

Second, housing second mortgage notes?
1, loan amount = value * mortgage rate-the original principal balance of the loans (housing value to the original purchase price and secondary compared to the appraised value of the collateral, whichever is lower.
2, second mortgages and mortgages for the first time the Office procedures and need to collect files are basically the same. Legal effects of registration in the sequence for enforcing the mortgage, not the same;
3, although the urban real estate management of low voltage provided second mortgages do not require first mortgagee agreed, but on the second mortgagee to do duty.
4, and generally speaking, second mortgages the right value shall not exceed the balance of the first mortgage-backed housing after values. Lest the mortgagor should not pay off debt, brings to the Registration Department of administrative litigation.

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